A very warm welcome to our Parish website. Here in Larne, we have a thriving Catholic community worshipping in our two churches – St MacNissi’s in the town centre and St Anthony’s in Craigyhill. You can find here the details of our many parish groups and activities, our sacraments and life of prayer. Whether you are a regular, newly arrived or a passing visitor, you are always welcome to join in the life of the Parish.


Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us the way to the Father that our joy may be complete. By supporting one another in witnessing to our faith in God and walking the journey together, we form a community of faith. We share our highs and our lows, we share our celebrations and our struggles, and we place them all in God’s hands, knowing that He is our constant companion and guide, and that His plan is greater for us than any we could imagine for ourselves.


Wherever you are, we wish you every blessing.


Recent Deaths & Anniversaries - 1/2 August 2020

For our beloved dead

During this time when it is not possible to publish our weekly parish bulletin, the names of those recently deceased and those whose anniversaries occur at this time will be published here on our website.

We remember in our prayers the following:

Recently Deceased:

Annie B Campbell

Vincent Doherty (Middlesex)


1st Anniversary:

Ann McKillion - Saturday 1st August at 5.30pm in St Anthony’s Church.



Josephine Buckley, John Connolly, Helen Leeming, Teresa Lyness, James Lynn, Elizabeth Houston, Charlie Kane, Tony McBrinn, Frederick McCorry, Marianne McCorry, Catherine McVeigh, Samuel Wharry.


May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen

Directions for attending Mass

As earlier publicised, we are opening St MacNissi's for 10am Mass this coming Sunday, August 2nd.


In order to ensure the health and safety of all, we will be using two entrance doors and two exit doors.

Entrances are the door at the Sacred Heart statue and the door at the very back of the church.


Stewards will be at each door to sanitise your hands before you enter and importantly to lead you to appropriate seats.

We would ask that family groups enter at the back door and sit as a family in the longer pews at the back of the Church.

Individuals and couples should enter via the Sacred Heart Transept door and sit in the side pews or in the Transepts.

By following these directions we hope to maximise the seating available while keeping the priority of social distancing.


To make a success of this and to ensure we can continue to open for Sunday mass we really need full co-operation with the stewards on duty.


Directions for the distribution of Holy Communion will be given by Fr O'Brien at Mass.

Fr O'Brien and a Eucharistic minister will be stationed at the front of the Church and one Eucharistic Minister will be stationed at the very back of the church with the stewards as ushers.


Two doors will be used as exits, the door at the statue of Our Lady and the Middle door of the Church, when leaving please allow more time for social distancing to be adhered to.

We trust you will be pleased we are ready to begin public Sunday mass again and hope that with everyone's co-operation we can make a success of our first public Sunday Mass since March.

Arrangements for celebration of Mass from 1st August 2020

We would like to thank all our parishioners for their support and understanding as we move through the process of reopening our Churches for public Mass.

The next stage will begin this weekend which coincides with the end of shielding for many in our community.

The arrangements are as follows:

Sat 1st August Vigil Mass in St Anthony's will be live streamed on Facebook only. (Not open to the public)

Sun 2nd August 10am Mass in St MacNissi's will be open to the public (not live streamed).

Weekday Masses will return to the times and Church where they would normally have been celebrated, therefore:

Monday 10am in St MacNissi's

Tuesday 7.30pm in St Anthony's

Wednesday 7.30pm in St MacNissi's

Thursday 10am in St Anthony's

Friday 10am in St MacNissi's

We have already made a start to reopening St Anthony's with baptisms and requiem Mass taking place there.

Both Churches are marked out for 2 metre social distancing and stewards will be at the entrance asking you to sanitise your hands.

It is essential that we continue to follow the guidance as laid out by the NI Executive and the Public Health Service if we are to remain open for Mass and the Sacraments.

All who wish to use the Church are therefore required to follow the direction of the stewards and ensure the health and safety of everyone.

The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues and we would like to remind you that attendance at any Mass each week will fulfil your Sunday duty.

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Reflection for Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - 1/2 August 2020

The multiplication of the loaves happens in our fields every year between sowing and harvest time. Like the miracle of Jesus, this miracle too is brought about by the power of God.

And just as Jesus needed the hands of the apostles to distribute the bread to the people, so God now needs human hands to make this abundance available to the hungry.

In some countries today the problem is over-eating. In other countries the problem is getting anything to eat at all.

Today we don’t need anyone to multiply the loaves for us.

The food is there.

What is not always there is the will to share it.

Readings for Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - 1/2 August 2020

1st Reading

(Is 55:1-3)


This contains an invitation, addressed to the exiles in Babylon, to come to a banquet.

The banquet stands for the life of love and friendship God wishes to share with his people.


2nd Reading

(Roms 8:35, 37-39)

No matter what bad times we may have to go through, we remain undaunted, because we are certain that Christ loves us.



(Matt 14:13-21)

Jesus shows his compassion for people by healing their sick and giving them food to eat.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday Mass

Every Sunday at 10am

This Mass will be open to the public in St MacNissi's at 10am. This Mass will not be live streamed.

Vigil Mass

Every Saturday at 5.30pm

This Mass will be live streamed on our Facebook page from St Anthony's at 5.30pm. This Mass is not open to the public.

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