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St MacNissi’s Primary School


St MacNissi’s Primary School first opened in 1993, bringing together the boys’ (St Joseph’s) and the girls’ (St Mary’s) primary schools into one establishment, with the latter having been run for almost a century by the Sisters of the Cross and Passion. A new school building was opened on 1st September 2000.


Principal: Mrs Bibiana McCavera


Address: 23 Agnew Street, Larne, County Antrim, BT40 1RF


Telephone: 028 2827 3571



St MacNissi's Primary School

St Anthony’s Primary School


St Anthony’s Primary School opened in 1964 to alleviate the overcrowding in the schools in the town centre, after inspiring fundraising efforts among the local Catholic population. Over the decades it has seen the area around it develop significantly, with new residential areas being built across Craigyhill.


Principal: Mrs Áine Fleming


Address: 43 Fairway, Larne, County Antrim, BT40 2BG


Telephone: 028 2826 0444



St Anthony's Primary School

Beside St Anthony’s Primary School is St Anthony’s Nursery School, the details of which follow:


Address: 43 Fairway, Larne, County Antrim, BT40 2BG


Telephone: 028 2827 8645

Parish Schools


Our parish is proud to boast two excellent primary schools: St MacNissi’s Primary School in the town centre and St Anthony’s Primary School, Craigyhill. Both schools continue to maintain a strong Catholic ethos, whilst welcoming those of other backgrounds as well. Their model is found in the beautiful words:


“Be it known to all who enter here

that Christ is the reason for this school,

the unseen but ever present Teacher in its classes,

the model of its staff,

the inspiration of its students.”

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