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The Ministry of Welcome was formed officially in January 2016 after guidance from the Living Church Office. The committee meets monthly to help introduce initiatives into the parish to help cement the sense of community we have among our weekend congregations and to help create a welcoming atmosphere to newcomers and those who join us occasionally.


This work is still in development, though guided by the eight members of the committee and involving many other volunteers. If anyone would like to lend a hand with anything from greeting those who come into the churches to volunteering to make teas and coffees when we have opportunities to mingle after mass, you would be more than welcome. Please speak to a member of the committee or leave your contact details with the Parochial House.


Chairperson: Michelle McGoogan

Secretary: Anne Marie McGoran

Members: Diane Antonis, Michael Antonis, Eileen Polley, Debbie McAlister, Eileen Looney

Ministry of Welcome


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