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Apostolic Work

It was in Down and Connor that Apostolic Work was founded in 1923 in response to the needs of the missionaries who had started to travel abroad at beginning of that century. The work involved supplying both material and financial assistance to missionaries working in all the mission fields of the world. Hundreds of letters asking for help arrive at Headquarters every year; likewise hundreds of very grateful letters arrive from nuns and priests who receive help.


It is sad that in this age of consumerism and materialism there are still people in some countries in the world who are desperately in need of the necessities of life. The apostolic Workers in our parish and throughout the diocese endeavour to ensure that people in the third world are not forgotten.


The Apostolic Work in our parish began more than eighty years ago, and has accomplished a tremendous amount over the decades. Our Parish can rightly be proud of such generous work, donations and prayers for those less fortunate than ourselves by all within the group, and of all those who support them.


The group meets normally on the second Tuesday of the month in St Comgall’s Recreation Club, and new members are always welcome.


President: Mena McFaul

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