New Logo Competition!
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All the works of art submitted are below and on our Facebook page - please follow the link to be able to Like and leave a comment on the beautiful pictures!

For Catholic Schools Week 2017, we invited the Primary 4 to 7 pupils in our two parish primary schools to design a new logo for our website and Facebook page, and the results were spectacular!

We were overwhelmed with the response, so well done to all the boys and girls. After a tricky decision, our independent judge selected one winner and then a runner-up from each school.

Curtis, St Anthony's

Runner-up from St Anthony's Primary School: Curtis!

Callum, St Anthony's
Thomas, St MacNissi's

Runner-up from St MacNissi's Primary School: Thomas!

Overall winner: Callum! (St Anthony's P.S.)

All the entries were wonderful, however, and we can all learn a lot about what is most important in our parish when we look at what the children created. You can see them below organised by their class. Enjoy!

Mr Oakes' Class, St MacNissi's P.S.

Mrs McAllister's Class, St MacNissi's P.S.

Mr O'Boyle's Class, St MacNissi's P.S.

Mrs Hamill's Class, St MacNissi's P.S.

Mrs Baxter/Mr Dempster's Class, St MacNissi's P.S.

Miss McLarnon's Class, St Anthony's P.S.

Ms Fleming/Ms Gorman's Class, St Anthony's P.S.

Mrs McLarnon's Class, St Anthony's P.S.

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