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A very warm welcome to our Parish website. Here in Larne, we have a thriving Catholic community worshipping in our two churches – St MacNissi’s in the town centre and St Anthony’s in Craigyhill. You can find here the details of our many parish groups and activities, our sacraments and life of prayer. Whether you are a regular, newly arrived or a passing visitor, you are always welcome to join in the life of the Parish.


Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us the way to the Father that our joy may be complete. By supporting one another in witnessing to our faith in God and walking the journey together, we form a community of faith. We share our highs and our lows, we share our celebrations and our struggles, and we place them all in God’s hands, knowing that He is our constant companion and guide, and that His plan is greater for us than any we could imagine for ourselves.


Wherever you are, we wish you every blessing.


Covid 19 Update

As announced by Fr O’Brien this morning at Mass the arrangements for this week are as follows:

Mass will return to normal times and the usual Churches from tomorrow.

Monday 10am in St MacNissi's

Tuesday 7.30pm in St Anthony's.

Wednesday at 7.30pm in St MacNissi's

Thursday at 10am in St Anthony's.

Friday at 10am in St MacNissi's

The vigil Mass at 5.30pm on Saturday will be in St Anthony's and open to the public.

There are a limited number of spaces to ensure all who attend are safe while in the Church.

We are grateful to those parishioners who have volunteered their service as stewards for Mass in St Anthony's and would kindly ask you to follow their direction.

The entrance door for Saturday evening mass will be the main doors at the front of the Church only.

You will be asked to sanitise your hands, ensure you are wearing a mask and give details for contact tracing.

This is the next step in our gradual reopening and we remain committed to the health and safety of all who gather for public worship.

Rotas for Eucharistic Ministers and Ministers of the Word

View Eucharistic Minister rota here

View Minsters of the Word rota here

Recently Deceased:

Kevin McCambridge (England)

Months Mind:

Robert Haveron

St Anthony’s Vigil Mass at 5.30pm on Saturday 10th April

Lizzie McCambridge

St MacNissi’s Church, at 10am on Sunday 11th April

Robert Polley

St MacNissi’s Church at 10am on Monday 12th April.

First Anniversary:

Mary Goodall

St MacNissi’s Church, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 14th April


Bernadette Black

Gerald Brown

John Butler

John Evans

Mary Heggarty

Tessie McKendry

Bertie McRandle

John Maguire

William Moore

Catherine O’Lynn

Margaret Rolston

James Sayers (Sen)

Annie Shaw

Robert Windsor (5th anniversary)

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen


Lonely at Christmas

You sometimes hear people say, ‘I always find Christmas Day a very lonely day,’

I think what they are really saying is;

‘I always feel lonely on Christmas Day.’

Loneliness is caused chiefly by two things: absence and emptiness.

Let us spare a thought, a prayer and maybe a visit for someone who will spend Christmas alone.

And if while spending Christmas in the midst of others, we still feel lonely, let us not be alarmed.

Our hearts are always longing for something more, or rather, for Someone else.

In every human heart there is an empty chamber waiting for a guest. That guest is God.

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