A very warm welcome to our Parish website. Here in Larne, we have a thriving Catholic community worshipping in our two churches – St MacNissi’s in the town centre and St Anthony’s in Craigyhill. You can find here the details of our many parish groups and activities, our sacraments and life of prayer. Whether you are a regular, newly arrived or a passing visitor, you are always welcome to join in the life of the Parish.


Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us the way to the Father that our joy may be complete. By supporting one another in witnessing to our faith in God and walking the journey together, we form a community of faith. We share our highs and our lows, we share our celebrations and our struggles, and we place them all in God’s hands, knowing that He is our constant companion and guide, and that His plan is greater for us than any we could imagine for ourselves.


Wherever you are, we wish you every blessing.


Recent Deaths & Anniversaries - 27/28 June 2020

For our beloved dead

During this time when it is not possible to publish our weekly parish bulletin, the names of those recently deceased and those whose anniversaries occur at this time will be published here on our website.

We remember in our prayers the following:

Recently Deceased: 
Brendan Allen 
Margaret Todd McRandle 
Una Reid (Ballygalley)

Months Mind Masses :
Winifred McKay 5.30pm Vigil Mass, St Anthony’s Sat 27 June 

Alex McGoogan 10am Mass, St MacNissi’s Sun 28 June 


Sarah Adair, Dave Bagchus, Francie Bannon, John Campbell, Maria Carlin, John Flaherty, Margaret Fleming, Fr Malachy Hurl, Madge Kelly, Joseph Lynn Jnr, Cecilia McCarry, Sean McCormick, Sadie McNally, Dessie McRandle, Charlie Magill, Frank Magill, Mary O’Neill, Niall O’Neill, Lisa O’Callaghan, Annie O’Toole, Michael O’Toole, Johnny Purdy, Fred Ward.


May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen

Contributions: Collection Boxes

Further to the letter from Fr Francis we would like to update you on days and times for collecting your offertory envelope box from the Parochial House. 


You can call to the Parochial House between 7pm and 8.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this incoming week. 

The gates of the Carpark at the Church will be open if you wish to park and walk up the side path to the front door of the House. 


As indicated, if you can, please also collect boxes for family, friends or neighbours. 


Many thanks for your cooperation with these directions.

Contributions: A message from Fr O'Brien

Dear Parishioner,

I hope you and your family are keeping well in these challenging times. Be assured of my prayerful good wishes at this time. I am looking forward to meeting you again, when we are allowed to gather in public. 


I would like to thank the many parishioners who have continued to support the work of the Parish, in numerous ways, during this difficult time. Many parishioners have been involved in supporting those who have been shielding, which has brought huge consolation. The lockdown has not been easy for any of us and sacrifices have been made for the health and safety of all which have impacted on the Pastoral life of the parish. 


As part of Step One of the NI Executive’s five step ‘Pathway to Recovery’ plan, our church opened for private individual prayer following a full risk assessment on Monday 25th May. It has brought tremendous consolation to many people in the parish. It may however be some time before we can gather for the celebration of Mass as we adhere to current government policy. 


You will know, and not be surprised to learn, that Parish income during the period has suffered substantially, which is understandable. Our Parish, like others across the Diocese and across Ireland, needs to make plans to recover from a steep decline in income since the start of 2020. Like households and families, we need to continue to meet essential expenditure. 


Therefore, I wish to make an appeal to those who are in a position to contribute, to continue to offer financial assistance to support the parish in these challenging times. That said, I am very aware of the pressures on family and personal incomes and budgets. I do not expect the impossible. As I launch this appeal, please know that I am asking you to do what you can within your circumstances and in the knowledge that every contribution, of whatever order, is most welcome. 


If Parishioners are in a position to do so, contributions can be made via: 

1 - Bank Transfer
(if your bank is Danske Bank then there is no charge, if not a small charge may apply.) 


Danske Bank 

Account Name - 
Larne Parish No 2 Account 

Sort Code - 950351

Account Number - 01025619


2 Envelopes. 

Due to the lockdown we were unable to distribute the new envelopes to all parishioners. 

In the next couple of weeks we will provide the opportunity for parishioners to collect their envelopes (and perhaps those of their neighbours) at the Parochial House at designated times, which we will notify you of on our parish website and Facebook page. 

In the meantime, if you wish to drop an envelope with your contribution into the parochial house, you can do so by posting it through the letterbox. If you know your current offertory promise envelope number, could I ask you to please include it with your name and address. 


Thank you for your continued support for the parish and for the many priests who have served in this parish over the years. As we face the future together, I know there will be difficulties and challenges. There will be demands made on us all in planning for the future of our Parish, the Pastoral Community, the support of Priests and the Diocese. 

I do hope this information is of help and I will keep you updated with developments as information becomes available. 

As you know, the situation is changing from week to week so what is set out above will be kept under constant review. 


With sincere thanks,


Fr Francis O’Brien

Down & Connor Knock Virtual Pilgrimage

We welcome you to join us for our Diocesan Knock Virtual Pilgrimage on Sunday 14th June 2020. The ceremonies will be streamed live on the shrine website 
and on the Knock Shrine Facebook page. 

The programme will begin with rosary at 2.30pm and Mass will be celebrated at 3pm by Fr Richard Gibbons, Rector of the Shrine. 

Bishop Treanor will give a short message of welcome to the people of our Diocese by means of a video which will be shown at 2.55pm. 

You are invited to place a petition by visiting the Knock Shrine Website and all petitions will be placed before the altar during the Mass. You may also request that a candle be lit for your intentions. 

We encourage as many of you as possible to participate and pray that next year we may gather, as a Diocese, in person again at our National Shrine of Our Lady of Knock 

With every blessing. 

Fr Vincent Cushnahan 
(Diocesan Knock Pilgrimage Director)

Reopening of St MacNissi's Church

As mentioned by Fr Francis at the end of Mass this weekend, we are planning to begin the reopening of St MacNissi’s Church on Monday 25th May from 11am to 3pm and on Friday 29th May from 11am to 3pm. 


Please click here to view the details which are necessary for the health and safety of all who will use the Church. 

If you are planning to visit for private prayer please familiarise yourself with these guidelines and adhere to them when visiting the Church.


Dear Parishioners of Larne

I have become aware of a fraudulent scam where unscrupulous individuals are calling with vulnerable people (in some cases our Parishioners) and offering to:

A. Take their weekly envelopes to the Church
B. Offering to do their shopping but wanting cash up front.

Please be aware of this scam.

In line with the government’s “Stay at Home” and social distancing policies we must not collect envelopes at this time. Once Government policy allows we will look at measures to safely collect. 




Thank you. 

Fr Francis

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Reflection for Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - 27/28 June 2020

Much of our lives is spent in keeping people out. 
We have private houses, private clubs and so on. 
Of course there are times when we need to be alone. 
Yet there is a sense in which our size as human beings can be measured by the circles we draw to take other people in: the smaller the circle, the smaller the person. 
A strong person isn’t afraid of people who are different. 
A wise person welcomes them. 
By shutting other people out we deny ourselves the riches of other people’s experience. 
We starve our minds and harden our hearts. 
In the beginning God gave the earth its shape. 
He made it round. 
He included everybody. 
So should we. 


Readings for Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - 27/28 June 2020

First Reading:
2 Kings 4:8-11.14-16

A beautiful act of hospitality is rewarded by God.

Second Reading: 
Romans 6:3-4.8-11

Through baptism we are united to the death and resurrection of Christ. 

Matthew 10:37-42

This stresses the sacrifices involved in being missionaries of Jesus, and also the greatness of even the smallest act of hospitality offered to those missionaries.

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